10 Best GIS Company to Work in the USA

10 Best GIS Company to Work in the USA

In the recent past, the Geographic Information System (GIS) has been gaining a lot of popularity in various industries. These companies, specializing in GIS, are doing their best to offer better GIS services that are also handed in hand with the latest technologies.

These GIS companies offer services such as creating maps, evaluating the properties of different rocks, and analyzing different location proximities. They help to design and manage systems. Also, these GIS companies offer consultancy services and at times help in preparing datasets and software. They are best suited to offer these consultancy services since they apply flexible approaches in their training and supporting sessions.

GIS companies have been known to offer very creative and effective services in the GIS domain. This article explains 10 of such best GIS companies to work within the USA;

1. DroneDeploy

Drone Deploy is a USA GIS company in the private sector. It was founded in 2013. This is the topmost cloud software platform that deals with drones meant for commercial purposes. It makes it possible for people to gain and benefit from the power of aerial data.

This company offers services that involve drones. For instance, it teaches businesses how to use drones in their industries, irrespective of the line of field of these businesses. They could be in the construction field, land surveying, agriculture, and mining, among other industries. The DroneDeploy has a very simple design, yet is very effective in the leveraging of drones.

2. OSIsoft

OSIsoft is a USA private company, founded in 1980. This GIS Company has the highest expertise in operational intelligence. Its main focus is delivering enterprise infrastructure, which can make possible the connection of data, systems as well as people.

The OSIsoft Company is the founder of the PI System. It can work with different industries, irrespective of their majors, to perform different activities. These activities include manufacturing, producing, and leveraging data, with the aim of optimizing and enriching the industries.

3. Trimble

This is a listed company, founded in 1978. Trimble GIS Company delivers all those products and services that are used in connecting the physical world to the digital world. This is why Trimble is famous for its ability to transform how the world works. The technologies that Trimble delivers are very important since they can be used to position, connect, model, and analyze data. These are core activities, enabling the customers to enhance their productivity, safety levels as well as sustainability.

Trimble offers different services; they could be software, practical services, or even hardware. These services are offered to different industries, irrespective of their line of specialization. These industries could be agricultural, geospatial, logistics, and construction, among others.

4. Autodesk

Autodesk is a Listed Company, forming part of the American Software Corporation. It was established in 1982, with its main focus being the creation of software. The software that is created by the Autodesk GIS company can be used by industries that deal with activities such as entertainment, the media, construction, architectural activities, and different types of engineering, among others.

The headquarters of Autodesk Company is in San Rafael, California. You can, however, find its branches and offices in many locations around the United States of America. If you would like to see some of the recorded work that the company has done for its customers, you can visit the San Francisco building. This building features a wide range of galleries, of Autodesk Company’s work.

5. Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is a private GIS company. It was established in 1984. This GIS Company has specialized in the provision of software solutions that can help to sustain the infrastructure of different industries. It has proved to be very beneficial to industries involved with activities such as engineering, architecture, construction, and geospatial profession.

Bentley Systems has helped many industries in improving how their assets perform. This has been done through the use of information mobility and the integration of projects in intelligent infrastructure.

6. Esri

This is also a private GIS company. It was founded in 1969. The company’s major is to follow up and analyze mapping and geospatial data. This is done so as to understand the world better, using commodities that can explain the science of GIS. Esri Company can help industries with the building and managing of information products. This is done, through the provision of platforms where geospatial data can be integrated and applied.

7. DigitalGlobe

This is a Listed Company, having been established in 1992. It deals mainly with the vending of space imagery as well as geospatial data. It also operates the civilian spacecraft which is controlled using remote sensors.

On the 14th of May, 2009, the DigitalGlobe Company went public and gained popularity in the stock exchange market of New York. It sold millions of its shares, in an effort to raise a capital of $279 million.

8. Weather Decision Technologies

Weather Decision Technologies (WDT) was established in 1999. This private company provides different industries all over the world with support when it comes to decisions involving weather conditions. It provides organizations with its expertise on matters such as detecting and predicting hazardous weather conditions, analyzing weather decisions as well as interactive mapping. The Weather Decision Technologies makes use of the Weather forecast.

9. Topcon

Topcon Positioning Group is a Private GIS company. It was founded in 1994. It has two prime goals. The first goal is to focus on how things that greatly impact society are grown. The second goal, almost similar to the first one, is to focus on how things that greatly affect society are built. The company’s mission is to creatively integrate information and technology, leading to an improvement in productivity levels, with the end result being the creation of better and sustainable infrastructure as well as agriculture.

10. AEgis Technologies Group

This is a small private company with its headquarters located in Huntsville, Alabama. It was founded in 1989 by Bill Waite and Steve Hill. It offers emerging solutions to industries in the military and commercial sectors. It also works to model and simulates technologies for use in the commerce and military sectors.


If you’re looking for a GIS company to build a partnership with, then you would do well to consider the above 10 best GIS companies. Don’t hesitate, to build that partnership now, and witness your industry being driven to success.

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