Applications of GPS in Satellite Communication

Applications of GPS in Satellite Communication

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Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to navigate the system accordingly on the satellite. GPS was designed to navigate and position the direction and distance of a location or particular area. Global Positioning System is solely designed to position, navigate, monitors and survey applications.

Satellite is a tiny object or particle which moves around bigger objects or particle that rotates around a larger object or particle in the space. An illustrative example is the Sun moving around the earth.

Communication is a process by which information is exchanged between two or more entities, through a particular means or medium. Communication is also the act of sending data, processing data and receiving data as a piece of meaningful information.

Satellite communication refers to the communication that occurs between two or more planets through the satellite. The medium which transfers information or data from one point to another is known as the signals carrier. The information carried by the signals is pictures, voice, audio, video within the space and the receiver.


How does Satellite Work?

As earlier defined, a satellite is a particle that revolves around another particle in a designated direction. The following helps a satellite to work effectively:

Repeater: A repeater is a circuit, which receives and increases signal strength that is later transferred.

Transponder: A transponder which also works as a repeater enables the frequency band to transmit signal from the receiver end.

Uplink frequency: Uplink frequency is the frequency that sent a signal to space. The uplink frequency transfers signal through the first earth station to the satellite.

Downlink frequency: Downlink frequency is the frequency that transfers information or data to the transponder. The downlink frequency is the channel which helps the satellite to transfer a signal from the second earth station.

The figure shows a diagrammatic explanation of how a satellite communicates.

The satellite communication system starts with the first and second earth station which is programmed to transfer and receive signals strength from the satellite moving around the earth station. The earth stations then send information to satellites in the form of high powered and frequency signals. The satellites which then receive and retransmit signals back to earth station which will be received by various earth stations in the designated area of the satellite.


Advantage of satellites communication

  • Through the help of satellite communication, the coverage area of coverage is larger than the terrestrial systems.
  • Satellite communication helps to cover each corner of the earth surfaces
  • Satellite communication enhances more possibilities in broadcasting units.

Disadvantages of using satellite communication.

  • Satellite communication demands are expensive when it comes to satellite launching into the orbits.
  • A satellite is difficult to repair any fault is discovered on the satellite system.
  • Satellite communication had spacing challenges.
  • In some cases, frequency congestion may occur.


Applications of Satellite Communication

Having seen the effects if Satellite communication in our day to day activities. Hence, there is needs to examine the application of satellite communication:

1. Telecommunications services: Satellite communication is applied in communication services such as cell phone calls, telephone companies, which include wireless, mobile, and cellular network providers.

2. Television and Radio Broadcasting services: Satellite communication is used broadcasting services such as radio and television which delivered consumers through their hardware receiver mobile broadcasting services. Television broadcasting such as Direct to Home (DTH), radio broadcasting, and voice communication

3. Data communications services: Satellite communication system enables data communication to transfer data from one organization to another. It helps financial organizations in the exchange of information to transfer data from one location to another through the use of terminal network providers. The satellite also provides an application of the Internet such as data transfer through an internet connection, global positioning system (GPS) applications, surfing of Internet, etc.

4. Cables and networking services: Satellite communication helps in the programming of cables and networking them into local stations that affiliate greatly through the satellite. Satellites communication also helps in the delivery of programs to cell phones and other mobile devices, such as laptops and other personal digital assistants.

5. Military Application: Satellite communication is used to navigate military forces across the globe, especially in the Defense Force. Global Positioning System satellite communication map helps to locate different assets on the battlefield such as Vehicles, hideouts and other hardware. The satellite helps in securing the protection of soldiers on the battlefield.

6. Aviation Services: Most recent aircraft are designed with various Global Positioning System satellite communication devices that help to know the direction and position of aircraft, progress map, and landing point. With the help of satellite communication, airline operators design the fastest, safest and surest aircraft route in the space for every location.

7. Farming Services: Farmers of recent times make use of the Global positioning system satellite services on their farm equipment to locate the area in which a specific plantation will cover over a given period. Satellite is also used to locate the sample of the soil and soil textile that helps to detect the most fertile soil area of each plantation. It also helps fishermen and hunters to locate the geographical area which is felt for them to operate.

8. Survey and Mapping Application: Satellite helps surveyors in the measuring and mapping of the earth’s surface and seafloor features with utmost accuracy. It also helps surveyors in mapping and monitoring the earth’s structure and sea level to know the recent changes that occur. Satellite communication helps to saves time and reduce cost expenditures by making surviving and mapping possible in the shortest time with little manpower.

9. Satellite communication is used in the application of remote sensors.

10. Satellite communication is the monitoring and forecasting of weather conditions at a particular time over a given period.

11. Global positioning system satellite track detectors are used in detecting various mineral resources present under the earth’s surface. Satellite receivers are also used in mining industries in the survey, drilling and shovel processes.

12. Tree Plantation Application: The satellite helps the tree plantation sector for afforestation and deforestation of trees. It also helps to develop ways in which trees are been planted in the forest quickly and efficiently. This is to solve the problem of sudden and quick removal of trees in the forest. Hence, global positioning system technology aids in the improvement, production, and sales of paper and wood products.

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